As technology professionals competing in a global market, we must never stop learning. And now with BDPA membership, you always have access to resources that will support Advancing your career from the Classroom to the Boardroom.


  1. Connect to a network of IT professionals and executives in the commercial, government, academic and non-profit sectors.
  2. Enhance and develop additional technical skill sets.
  3. Acquire professional and leadership skills.
  4. Participate actively in an organization that is setting trends in emerging technology.
  5. Opportunity to participate in the regional and national high school computer competition, scholarships, student empowerment activities, internships and lifelong mentors.
  6. Obtain exposure to technical and professional topics through program meetings, seminars and workshops.
  7. Obtain free advertising through website and entrepreneur directory.
  8. Participate in certification support groups.
  9. Serve as a role model within the African American Community.
  10. Support and influence to goals and directions of this leading edge technical organization through the contribution of your own professional experience.


Member Discounts

Your membership also provides you with a complimentary subscription to Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information Technology magazine.

Professional Development

BDPA is a pro-active organization and as a member you are given opportunities to play an active role in planning, developing and implementing local and national projects designed to meet BDPA’s goals and objectives. BDPA members can run for national and local offices, chair committees/tasks forces and participate in committee/business area activities. The skills gained through taking on responsibilities in BDPA prove to be a valuable asset to one’s professional and personal life.